• “He who wins is he who is convinced of being able to do so”Virgil
  • “The path towards greatness is followed together with others” Balthasar Gracian
  • “A group that shares an aim can reach the impossible” Tom Ford
  • “Porsi un obiettivo è la più forte forza umana di auto motivazione” Paul J.Meyer

Masters Of Taste

From oenologist to wine-maker, from the expert cheese refiner to the salami producer, from the master of chocolate to the expert in truffles: a whole world of knowledge and professionalism that interprets and represents that part of Italy made up of tradition, of cultural cuisine and love for the land and its food. Thanks to their experience, passion, desire to narrate themselves and share, Italia Gastronomica’s artisans, true consultants “of taste”, will make all our gastronomic experiences unique and full of emotion. They will reveal their secrets, enthusiastically tell us their tales, demonstrate the tools of their trades, both from yesteryear and today, and will bring to life a true adventure through the infinite number of Italian culinary traditions.