What we do

The variety of activities offered by Italia Gastronomica, as an alternative to reaching marketing goals in agreement with the client companies, ranges from the organization of events designed to motivate and stimulate the selling power of the staff to the presentation of new product launches, conventions, meetings and road shows for creating client loyalty, to the creation and management of conferences and press conferences. Added to this are numerous creative ideas for team building and experiential training, as well as activities for loyalty-building and providing incentives of high emotional value.
Italia Gastronomica is alongside your company every step of the way: from the definition of the aims, to the planning and operational management and logistic support. Communication, which is also personalised, becomes an instrument for evoking an event, stimulating participation and contributing to reinforcing memories.
Among the main activities that flexible and multi-service Italia Gastronomica offer are:
- Events
- Experiential Training and team building
- Incentive plans