• “The journeys are the travellers” Fernando Pessoa
  • “We must make the best possible use of our free time” Gandhi
  • “Eating is a necessity, eating intelligently is an art” La Rochefoucoult
  • “There is no love more sincere than the love of food”G. B. Shaw
  • “God made food, but the devil certainly made the cooks” ” James Joyce

Who we are

Italia Gastronomica, incoming tour operator for the whole of Italy, specialised in the food and wine sector, was started in 2001 with the intention of proposing to individuals and small groups various sensorial experiences in the world of taste and Italian food traditions, offering a top-level service which is tailor-made to suit every need.

In the era of emotional globalization, true luxury consists in experiencing something typical, traditional and unusual.

Italia Gastronomica is for those visitors who are fascinated by the magic of Italy with its traditions and products, who desire to travel in the most exclusive way with the constant support of a local bilingual trip leader and who wish to stay in the most fascinating hotels and historical houses. Italia Gastronomica is for travellers who want the certainty that every detail of their trip is taken care of in order to guarantee a memorable stay, for those who appreciate it when an Italia Gastronomica representative is available for emergencies 24 hours a day during their entire Italian tour. Italia Gastronomica is for those who love to observe at close hand the work of wine and food producers that open their wineries and food production stores to visitors for an experience that other travellers may not have access to.

The different formats that have been exclusively created and customised by Italia Gastronomica are unique experiences, rendered original by the particular tension that comes from combining “knowing” with “tasting”. Adding to the prestige of the experiences offered is the contribution of a team of over 400 “taste experts”, who are both witness to, and protagonists of, Italian excellence in food.

Italia Gastronmica was created by Alessandra Gandini, MBA Columbia Business School of New York and a marketing expert for important international companies and by Giovanni Guffanti Fiori who represents the fifth generation of a family of food artisans from the best culinary tradition.

Codice etico

Alessandra Gandini

Dopo una laurea in Bocconi ed un MBA alla Columbia Business School di New York, lavora in Philips e in seguito come consulente per importanti realtà aziendali. Nel 2001 fonda Italia Gastronomica coniugando le competenze di marketing alla passione per l’Italia e le sue ricchezze gastronomiche.

Giovanni Guffanti Fiori

Una tradizione di famiglia giunta alla quinta generazione di cui Giovanni Guffanti Fiori è il rappresentante. Maestro del gusto nel settore dei formaggi, dal 2001 è appassionato protagonista degli eventi di Italia Gastronomica come professionista delle tradizioni italiane e selezionatore di prodotti.

Andrea Gandini

Dopo una laurea in Bocconi ed un MBA all’Harvard Business School di Boston, acquisisce esperienza nell’area finanza e amministrazione di importanti realtà multinazionali. Si autodefinisce “l’uomo dei numeri” e si occupa per Italia Gastronomica di strategia finanziaria.